Friday, March 16, 2007

Some Principles on Love and Marriage

Someone recently asked my thoughts concerning marriage problems. I claim no expertise in marriage advice, but the following thoughts come to mind.

1. We don't have a right to be happy. We have a right to be holy.
2. The Lord can do wonders.
3. The Book of Proverbs tells much about the basics of getting along with people.
4. Love is more something you do (unselfish commitment to another person) than something you feel.
5. The Lord uses one partner's very rough edges to smooth off some of the other partner's very rough edges.
6. The longer you've been married to someone, the more you realize that there will never be anyone else who will share as much of your life experience as that person does.
7. One of the secrets of peace in marriage is realizing that you can't reform your spouse. Another is realizing that even if the Lord doesn't change the person, you can still love the person--partly because there's so much that you still see needs changing in yourself.
8. It's not a good idea to tell the details of your marriage problems to another person of the opposite sex. Talk to a godly older person of your own sex, or to a godly couple.
9. Pray for your partner; ask the Lord to continue and to expand what's good in your spouse.
10. Talk honestly.
11. There is NO excuse for having an affair with someone.
12. You can help protect your marriage by avoiding ever being alone with anyone else of the opposite sex.

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BunnyGirl said...

Hey Jim,
There are some great gems there about marriage. Thank you for posting them.