Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stormy Morning

The day is growing darker now,
Though breakfast's not yet done.
The Lord may give us rain today
Instead of summer sun.

The clouds march past like infantry
Assembled on parade.
The countless ranks unblinking pass
In awesome strength arrayed.

A distant rumble of the drum,
A sharp note from the fife,
And now the clouds unleash their rain,
Artillery of life.

"If you follow My statutes and faithfully observe My commands, I will give you rain at the right time, and the land will yield its produce, and the trees of the field will bear their fruit."
--Leviticus 26:3-4, HCSB

Note: I wrote this some days ago. We have no rain yet today, which is fine, since we've had much more than normal.


David Weller said...

I noticed you're from Texas, from your blog Profile-- so am I! I've lived in Abilene since '85! Was raised in McAllen, went to TCU. How 'bout you? Thanks, David

David Weller said...

For a stormy afternoon... with our Bibles openned...

tea is good
for you and me

it's hot and cold
it's bold and not

whether in a cup
sup you and me together

leaves to please
with honey it's Steve's!

come together
tea and also some

David Weller

Jim Swindle said...

On this blog I've been intentionally vague about certain things. I share some of my inmost thoughts. I'm vague about certain other things, just to maintain a bit of privacy.

I was not born in Texas. I've lived for at least three months each in the Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern time zones of the USA.

I now live in the Houston area.