Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Don't miss the links

Some of the links at the side of this blog take you to really good pages. Especially note Myra Johnson's Picture My Thoughts. Each day she posts one of her beautiful photos along with a few words that are designed to challenge us to follow Jesus.

On Sharper Iron, note Wayne Grudem's essay on When, Why and Where to Draw Boundaries. Too many modern Christians don't want to draw any boundaries at all; they'd be happy for the devil to call himself a Christian and come to church without changing his ways or his beliefs.

On Cost of Discipleship there's a essay on the Christian Solder with a link to a fascinating short booklet. I'm not sure yet whether or how much I agree, but it's stimulating my thinking.

He Is Sufficient takes a view of Bible prophecy that's different from mine, but I was helped by the post concerning The Vineyard and the Cornerstone.

Finally, I want to mention my pastor's sermons. I'm privileged to have such a pastor. He's a remarkable teacher of the Bible and has a burning passion for glorifying the Lord.

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