Friday, March 28, 2008

Faith and Healing

I've been pondering Acts 3, which tells of the healing of a lame begger. I'm thankful that the Lord heals. I've seen and experienced his healing. Still, I'm deeply wary of most modern faith-healers

I notice several ways in which the incident in Acts 3 differs from many modern claims of healing.
• Peter and John didn’t advertise a healing service.
• They had no money.
• The healing came without anything to set the mood—No repetitive songs, other than his begging. No faith-building sermons. No testimonies.
• There was no hint that everyone who was not healed of something lacked faith.
• The people recognized the man as the one who used to beg, who’d been lame from birth.
• The Lord, not Peter nor John, received the glory.
• Peter's sermon to the amazed crowd was not about how to get their own physical healing. It was the gospel. He told the people that they were sinners who could be saved if they repented and trusted in Jesus.

Miracles don’t happen on our schedule. They don’t happen according to our plans. They don’t come to enrich the miracle-workers. They are interruptions to ordinary days. They come at the intersection of faith and need—but not just faith in faith. Faith in Jesus! They come not with the power of faith, but with the power of Jesus.


Joyce said...

Excellent thoughts! I espcially like it that you pointed out that those who were not heatled were not accused of having no faith.

The idea that healing can only occur at church as part of a certain tyre of service-where did this come from?? I don't see any evidence that it ever happened that way in the Bible.

CHARLAX said...

Walking On Water
Walking On Water

Justified by Jesus sacrifice.
Jesus shed blood , one ddropp for me ,
cleaned all the things that I have done ,
my past is gone , I am set free.
Death it self will NOT hold me.
My works are not the price I pay.
My Lord has a robe for me ,
washed whiter than the snow.
No gloved fist can send me there ,
but I will fly on ^A^ngel wings ,
to Heaven when I go.
The ground beneath my feet feels like a lake
of water turning solid as I walk toward my
Saint Peter from the center of my storm.
Learning to breathe the air again
and live in Jesus love.
I walk on water.

Jim Swindle said...

Thank you, Joyce, for your comment. I've seen and experienced more healings outside of church services than during them, but of course the Lord can heal anywhere, any time.

And thank you, Charlax, for the poem. I like it. You have several good lines. My favorite is "No gloved fist can send me there." That line is true and so unexpected. I have a small theological quibble with another line. I don't believe Jesus shed one drop of blood for me. I believe he shed all of his blood for all of us. In other words, it wasn't that he suffered for me, then for you, then for the next person. He suffered to the utmost for all of us. (I could comment on whether he died for both "the elect" and "the non-elect," as Calvinists put it, but that's another post.)

Still, as I said, I like your poem. It's worth re-reading in the future. That's a mark of a good poem. May the Lord deepen and expand your ministry of writing.