Monday, April 14, 2008

Educated Superstitions

Educated people may make fun of people who believe in old superstitions such as these:
--If you break a mirror, you'll have seven years of bad luck.
--If a black cat crosses your path, you'll have bad luck.
--If you spill salt, you should throw some over your shoulder.

However, I've found that the educated can have their own superstitions. Here are some:
1. Locally-grown food is better than food that has been transported farther.
2. Organic seeds are best for planting in your vegetable garden.
3. Tax cuts will balance the national budget.
4. Installing fluorescent lights instead of incandescent will save so much energy and reduce carbon dioxide production so much that it will make a great difference in global warming.
5. You can be ecologically-responsible while living with just your wife in a 5000-square-foot house and traveling to Tahiti for conferences on global warming, so long as you buy carbon offsets.
6. Spirituality is important, but truth is not.
7. The random evolution of species is an established scientific fact.
8. Electing Obama (or Clinton or McCain) will solve lots of the world's problems.
9. Pornography is socially neutral.
10. Jesus is a myth.

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CHARLAX said...

Thirteenth Fable
Thirteenth Fable

Fables of CharlaX

There is far too many to make a short list there is superstitions eye remember when eye was just a kid. The many things my girlfriends had to tell me things they ruined life at such an early age there is the BROKEN MIRROR that brings the SEVEN YEARS bad luck? The black cat crossing my path. The ladder that was never under the beam do not step under that in a funk of disbelief eye did all them things and now eye am homeless could it be that eye am superstitious or just unlucky in my life but then eye have met my violet flower my only one and only new life partner she is such a wonderful person not a superstitious reason in her curtain eye am certain of that now? The cat was never black enough to scare me but there was that just one time? It ran of course because my petting would have kept it from the dinner the mouse tail sticking out of a very black and ebon mouth. No bad luck can come to me AH HA eye cried its nothing. Then eye ran a little up the hill to home. And almost strangeld self eye ran full tilt boogie into the wire clothes line nearly taking off my head and losing all the dread of dying for there it nearly was. That was back in 1961 the time is not important there was never any time for love. Some things eye can remember but choose not to keep at all. Do not mop the floor under my feet is one.
Do not make such sweeps under my feet and yes we did we told the girls to put the feet up so we must seep there anyway do you want me to get fired from such an important job as this one?
They screamed and left the diner sure that bad luck was to come upon them oh gentle reader ewe don't laugh Erline never sweeps behind the counter.