Thursday, May 01, 2008


I have not been known for great discernment, but I thank God for growth in that area. This week's mail included a sample newsletter from a Christian university. It features an adaptation of a speech made at the school by a man who was once pastor of a large church. The topic is "How to be a REAL Success." Mr. Guest Expert starts off with a joke about God's work in creating the earth. In his speech he never again mentions God or Jesus or the gospel or the church or evangelism or missions or discipleship or worship or the Bible or prayer.

I was present when Mr. Expert gave several messages to a group of pastors many years ago. Back then, he mentioned spiritual things, but the root of his message was the same as now: using your attitude and your effort and your planning to achieve success. Back then, I didn't see him for the failure that he is. He's left the straight and narrow for the broad road that leads to wealth and fame and the world's respect.

Lord, if it may be, cause Mr. Expert to wake up to the truth; to see that it's not enough to motivate people to work toward their dreams. Show him that only in Jesus is there life.

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