Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Prayer to Our Glorious Lord


You are comfort to the grieving,
    Hope to the hopeless,
    Relief to the oppressed,
    Freedom to the slaves,
    Healing to the sick,
    Strength to the weak,
    Water to the thirsty,
    Wisdom to the naive,
    Forgiveness to the sinful,
    Life to the dead.

You deserve our fullest service,
    Our deepest worship,
    Our highest praise.
    Even our strength for service,
    Our humility for worship
    And our lungs for praise
    Come from you.

We thank you for your offering--
    Your perfect son, Jesus--
    Given on our behalf.
    Accept our offering,
    Our selves.
    We bring you our best,
    Our brokenness.
    Do with us as you choose.
    We delight in your will
    And in you.


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