Monday, June 09, 2008

When Sadness Strikes

Grief comes in many forms. Sometimes it's from a death. Sometimes it's from a divorce. Sometimes it's from a great disappointment of some other kind. Recently my wife and I have had a disappointment: a broken relationship with a relative. Right now, among our relatives...

***Person A communicates either not at all or on very strained terms with persons B, C, D and E.
***Person B is that way with persons A, F, G and H.
***Person D gets along with B and C and would like to get along with A.
***E is civil to almost all relatives except A.
***And so it goes.

Because of the grief, I've found it hard to write poems that are not gloomy. I post gloomy poems at times, but don't want to post a bunch in a row.

I hang onto the truth...
***The Lord is in control.
***Those who refuse to forgive others, won't be forgiven by him.
***There is a time to withdraw from those who are mistreating us or others.
***We're to love our enemies.
***We're to pray for all, that they may come to repentance and faith.

Whatever troubles are in your own life right now, hang onto the truth.

Father in heaven, have mercy on your people. Draw some of our enemies to repentance and faith. Forgive us for our willful, stubborn pride and for our desire to control others. Lead us in your paths. Thank you that you hear, and that in your presence is fullness of joy. Amen.

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