Saturday, August 09, 2008

56 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor

Are you a good neighbor? Am I? Here's a list of more than 50 ways to be a good neighbor.

1. Bring food to welcome a new neighbor, especially if your ages or cultures are quite different.

2. Maintain your house and yard.

3. Visit someone who is house-bound.

4. Plant a flower.

5. Invite someone to visit in your home.

6. Improve a park.

7. Pick up your litter.

8. Pick up someone else's litter.

9. Gently but firmly correct a neighbor's child who's doing something wrong or dangerous that the parents don't know about.

10. Thank a policeman or a teacher or a pastor who's doing a good job.

11. Give away something you don't need.

12. Plant a tree.

13. Visit someone is prison or in the hospital.

14. Speak kindly to an immigrant.

15. Be involved in some level of government, if you're good at it.

16. Cook a meal for someone who's ill.

17. With permission, prune a neighbor's bushes.

18. Use your expertise to help someone for free.

19. Pray for or with someone.

20. Give a gift to someone who isn't expecting it.

21. Speak the truth.

22. Consider others when planning the volume, timing, frequency and duration of your parties.

23. Babysit for someone at no charge.

24. Organize a group of people to paint a single mother's house.

25. Help someone move in or out.

26. Care for someone's house, yard and pets while the person's on vacation.

27. Smile at people you don't know.

28. Report a fire or a crime.

29. Share seeds or plant cuttings or flower bulbs.

30. Play or sing live music in a park.

31. Fight a fire, but don't go into a burning building to rescue property. (For grass fires, a dampened throw-rug may be your best tool until the professionals get there.)

32. Pull a weed that's growing in a public place.

33. Clean someone's rain gutters.

34. If you live in a cold area, shovel someone's walk or organize a group of neighbors to buy a snow-blower jointly.

35. If you live in a warm area, mow the lawn of someone who temporarily can't.

36. Give someone the down payment for a car.

37. Give someone a car.

38. Encourage someone who's doing the right thing.

39. Volunteer at a nursing home.

40. Teach a Sunday School class.

41. Help someone find a job.

42. Provide a mature male example for a fatherless boy, or a mature female example for a girl whose mother's institutionalized.

43. Help someone after a disaster.

44. Attend a funeral, or at least send a card.

45. Bring someone a gift of home-grown flowers or a craft item that you've made.

46. Drive carefully.

47. Listen to someone's troubles.

48. Return a lost item or a lost pet to its owner.

49. Take an elderly person to the grocery or to the doctor or to church.

50. Provide an hour or two of care for an invalid, to the relative who usually provides care can go out.

51. Help a new neighbor know where things are or how things work.

52. Take walks with a neighbor.

53. Teach a neighbor a craft or a skill.

54. When taking your children to a park, take along a neighbor's child.

55. Show equal respect for the mayor and the yard man.

56. Organize a block party.

So, are you a good neighbor? Am I? Jesus said to "Love your neighbor as yourself." I don't normally reach that standard. Lord, make us better neighbors...both because it's right and because it honors you.

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