Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike Update

1:08 PM Central Daylight Time, September 12, 2008

For our locality, the forecasts for Ike got worse and then better. The eye appears to be headed directly our way (good news for El Shaddai Edwards's grandmother, since it puts it further from her...see the comment on the previous Ike post). The better news is that the strength of the winds does not seem to have increased as much as they expected. This far inland, they'd been saying to expect 100 miles per hour. Now the forecast is only 75 or 80 mph, as near as I can tell.

All we have so far is cloudy skies and a little breeze. Now it's just wait, wait, wait for the next 24 hours.


ElShaddai Edwards said...

Thanks for the update, Jim. My grandmother safely evacuated to relatives in Austin, so it just remains to be seen how much flooding her house in Lake Jackson gets. Our prayers are still with you.

Jim Swindle said...

Thanks. It's 6 PM here on Friday the 12th, and our winds are picking up a little, but not much. My wife and I are heading out onto the front porch to sit and watch the weather for a bit.