Thursday, November 06, 2008

There's a Wisdom of the Ox

From Blog08

There's a wisdom of the ox,
A knowing in the donkey,
Even though he's called an ass.
The ox, the donkey: both will know
Who's their owner,
Who's the giver of their grass.

There's forgetting in the Christians,
Amnesia in the church,
Even though we're called the Lord's.
We forget our source of food,
Who's our owner,
Giver of both life and words.

Oxen know their owners,
and donkeys know where their masters feed them.
But Israel doesn't know its owner.
My people don't understand who feeds them.

--Isaiah 1:3, GOD'S WORD translation

Note: The photo is a bull, not an ox. I rarely see oxen or donkeys, but this fellow and his relatives live not far from me. For the difference between bulls and oxen, see this link.

Photo and poem ©2008 James L. Swindle

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