Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter: Bunnies and Eggs, or Jesus?

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The annual newspaper supplement full of Easter church ads was today. Some are fine, but some seem to have little to do with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus:
Good Friday - Fish Fry
Easter Vigil Saturday - Dyeing Party and Picnic for Children of all ages
A Rock Music Tribute to Jesus Christ...with food, trivia & prizes!
Candlelight Labyrinth
Easter Sunday -
FREE Cotton Candy for all!
Bunny Wonderland
Butterfly release and Easter Egg Hunt

Each of those lines is an actual line from a church ad. I suppose there's nothing specifically wrong with any of the things advertised, and each of them COULD be done to the glory of God, but something tells me that the churches are desperate to get people--ANY people--inside their doors. The back page of the supplement is a color ad for one of the largest churches. It tells me they've saved a seat for me. It tells me of their 17 services spread over 5 locations, but says nothing of Jesus.

The Apostle Paul said, "I delivered to you as of first importance that Christ died for our sins, that he was buried, that he was raised the third day according to the scriptures..." (1 Corinthians 15)

My friends, the world can do just as good a job as the church if what you're after is fish fries and cotton candy and eggstravaganzas. The uniqueness of the church is that it can present Jesus, the only Savior. If the church (the salt of the earth) loses its saltiness, it's no longer good for anything but to be trodden under foot.

Thank God for the faithful churcheb. Pray that more will see the sharp distinction between communicating to this culture and conforming to this culture.

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Ρωμανός ~ Romanós said...

Altho I'm an Orthodox Christian as you know, and our church is built around the resurrection of Christ on a weekly basis, and in the actual "Easter season" we probably have more opportunities for our own people and our non-Orthodox and sometimes even non-Christian visitors to experience firsthand the resurrection of Jesus Christ in all its significances, still, there is nothing better, for me at least, than to just hold His precious Word in my arms and against my heart, as I go to prepare to spend my time with Him, who is more present and real to me than anyone and any church service. Jesus Christ is risen, and He is standing "behind our wall, peering through the lattice" at us (as it says in the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament, by way of prophetic utterance), wanting us to know Him as our risen and always present Lord, Him who said, "Lo, I am with you even unto the end of the age." And He really meant it.