Saturday, May 23, 2009

Night Visitor

A cat and I were awake, side-by-side on the sofa, around 3 AM. There was a noise outside somewhere between the front door and the chimney that's in the same wall. I figured it was the other cat, wanting to come in.

I opened the door, heard noises under the bushes, but couldn't see any animal in the dark. I stepped inside, heard more noise, and stepped back out.

I turned on the porch light, but it's one of those CFL bulbs that takes a minute to get to full brightness. Still I saw nothing, but the noises continued. I came in, being sure the door was shut, and ran to grab the flashlight. (That's a torch for you in Britain.)

I went out again, turned on the light and saw an armadillo under the bushes. I ran back inside, traded the flashlight for my camera, and ran back out to the armadillo. By this time, I could smell it. (More on that in a moment.)

I tried to photograph the armadillo, but the camera's auto-focus didn't work in the dark. Back inside to pick up the flashlight. With flashlight in one hand and camera in other, I was able to take a couple of good photos.
From Blog09

What's there to know about armadillos, other than that they live in Texas and that they look odd?
--They are fairly harmless, since they have small mouths, move fairly slowly and are not poisonous.
--They stink. They really stink. The smell is sort of like a cellar with old potatoes.
--They're nocturnal. If you see an armadillo in the daylight, it's usually dead, hit by a car or truck.
--They have an armored back, but are vulnerable to cars. I've heard that when frightened, they may jump straight up into the air. This is not a good idea if a car's bearing down on you.

As near as I can tell, the best thing about an armadillo is its oddness. Maybe they show the Lord's sense of humor.

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