Monday, June 15, 2009


From Blog09

Listen, said the Lord.
      But, Lord...
      I am busy now.
Listen to my word.
      But, Lord...
      Let me watch TV.
Listen to my voice.
      But, Lord...
      I've got lots to say.
If you are my child.
      Yes, Lord.
      I will listen now.

Whom can I speak to? Whom can I give a warning to? Who will listen? Their ears are plugged, and they aren't able to pay attention. When the LORD speaks his word to them, they show contempt for it and object to it.
--Jeremiah 6:10, God's Word translation

Photo and poem ©2009 James L. Swindle

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Myra said...

I want to hear what God has to say. I certainly need guidance...

My PLANS picture was taken on Amelia Island at the junction of the St. Mary's River and the Atlantic Ocean. I played with the lightness and contrast a lot and then I used Photoshop to apply something called poster edges, I think. I was looking for an effect I liked. I enjoy finding new things.
it's HOT in Florida. It was about 91 at 9 p.m. tonight. I hope things are going well for you. Take care. :)