Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Simplicity

From Blog09

The highlight of summer
   so many summers
   many summers ago
Was the week or two
   at the "old home place"
   with Grandpa and Grandma
   where time almost stopped.
No phone
No indoor toilet
No gas stove
No fancy things at all--
But Oh, what wealth!
   Skies and spaces
   chickens and dogs
   aunts and cousins--
   and uncles, too--
   wonderberries and gooseberries,
   tomatoes and cukes,
   irrigation ditches,
   dahlias and kittens,
   Grandpa and Grandma
   and lots of love.
And love was enough,
More than enough.

...he raises up the needy out of affliction and makes their families like flocks.
--Psalm 107:41, ESV

Note: "Wonderberry" was the name used for a dark purple-black berry that's a version of the nightshade. There's a similar nightshade berry that's deadly poison, and rumor had it that the berries we ate were poison if not ripe. The berries grew well in harsh conditions and made great dumplings.

From Blog09

Poem ©2009 James L. Swindle


James Oh said...

You have brought back the good old times. Time changes, so do the thing. The technology makes the world smaller, yet so far comparatively to the past. Thank Jim.

Ρωμανός ~ Romanós said...

Nice! I have the same kinds of memories as your poem and the pics suggest. What a blessing to have been part of that now vanished culture.

Jim Swindle said...

Thank you, James and Romanós, for the encouragement. Yes, we were blessed. Even today, it's sometimes a blessing to have the electricity go out.

Still, last year after our hurricane it was VERY nice to have a generator after a day and even better to have regular power a week later.