Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lord of the Flies

From Blog09

The Lord of the flies
      And of all man's lies
Despises the truth
      And the fresh of youth.
He comes just to kill,
      So to eat his fill
'Til Christ in a flash
      Will throw him in trash
Where flames will burn on
      'Til forever's gone.

But when the Pharisees heard {this,} they said, "This man casts out demons only by Beelzebul the ruler of the demons."
--Matthew 12:24

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have {it} abundantly.
--Jesus, in John 10:10

And the devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are also; and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.
--Revelation 20:10

Poem and photo ©2009 James L. Swindle; may be used on my usual generous terms (see earlier posts).


Jim Swindle said...

Myra left a powerful comment; I've deleted a bit of personal info from it and am re-posting it.
Wow. Your poem. I hardly know what to say...

Last year, I led a small group of 11 high school boys along with a man at the church. Later, another man helped out,so the three of us were sort of "discipling" 11 high school boys. Philip was one.
This year, me and another man have a small group of about 5 boys in college. Philip was in my last year's group; he graduated from high school in May and was trying to find a job now and filling out papers to go to college. He was a football player. Very tall and big. He was now in my college small group. He was kind and seemingly, always happy. He shot himself in the head Sunday. Our group meets on Sundays at 4. He didn't come, and later, I got the call that he was dead. His funeral is Thursday and he is being buried at the same cemetery as Benji, our son. The anniversary of Benji's death 4 years ago is Sunday. I am okay, but I am thinking a lot of big major things. God knows that I don't understand this; that has to be okay with me. I'm just trying to trust Him. I have a son at Lakeside Memory Gardens and now I will have a spiritual son there, as well...Philip. Why? There is a big empty question mark about it all, but I know God wants me to keep following Him.
Please pray for Philip's parents. He was an only child. .... I think Philip he was on the praise team at church. He worked at Vacation Bible School this summer. It just doesn't make sense. His parents are hurting ENORMOUSLY. I have talked to them both. They need God's strength to get through every minute right now. Thank you for your comment on Picture My Thoughts. When I read your "Fly" poem, well, I was reminded that one of the minister of youth was quoting the "thief comes to steal" verse when people were gathering in the neighborhood after the suicide. Also, last night, at church, we had a meeting of the youth group to just talk things out and pray. We probably had 60 kids there. I mentioned the "thief" verse then to everyone. I am going to share your post with others, if that is okay.
Thank you so much. I think this is an encouragement from God

Jim Swindle said...

Myra, my heart goes out to all of you.
Father in heaven, comfort Myra and comfort Philip's family and his friends. Use this situation to cause Philip's friends to flee FROM the thought of suicide instead of fleeing TO it. Use it to cause some to see your truth. Defeat the devil's evil actions here by causing people to be angry at the devil and at his forces instead of being angry at you. Even bring salvation to some through this. Have mercy on the pastor who will have the terrible job of speaking at the funeral. Give the ability to speak truth in love, and to speak the appropriate truth. I pray these things in the name of Jesus, who is himself the truth. Amen.

Since Philip was big, I wonder whether he had ever dabbled in the steroids which can heighten aggression and anger. I'm certainly not saying that's the case; just wondering.

I'm not sure how comforting the poem would be, but you're certainly welcome to use it as you like.