Friday, October 02, 2009

Why I Haven't Posted Much...

Our family's main computer will not boot into Windows. That's the computer where my photos are stored and where almost everything else is stored. I'm trying to back up files online and then will probably need to try to restore it to factory settings and re-load everything. All of that's a great pain, but...
I have food.
I have shelter.
I have clothing.
I have the Lord himself and his promises.
I have family and church family.

In short, I'm richly blessed.



Welcome to my blog! said...

I came to your blog after a comment you posted on another blog. I must say, your blog is refreshing. I love the photos! Since my health has declined I like to take photos. I really enjoy trying to get the unusual shot. The blog I found your comment in was a hateful blog that seeks only to tear down people. It was wonderful to see someone interested in encouraging in love. Thank you. You encouraged me.

Jim Swindle said...

Thank you, "Welcome," for your kind comments. If the Lord used my blog to encourage you, I'm glad. I think I know which other blog you mean. If so, he's not always ripping people apart like he did recently.

On the other hand, I try to be Christian, not just inspirational. There are hard truths in the Bible as well as pleasant ones.

I'd enjoy seeing some of your own photos. If your computer is working better than mine at present, Google's Picasa software makes it easy to upload photos from your PC to a free storage area, and then makes it easy to link to them in a blog. To get Picasa, go to

Myra said...

Jim, our son is extremely talented with computers. He just began college this year. He plans on declaring a computer science degree. I think he would talk to you on the phone about this. He gets off work at 9 tonight Eastern time. Before you swipe it clean, ask my son, Seth, if there's another way....

About the doves/pigeons---they were walking away from my front door one day recently and I captured the photo before they went away. The bird's face looking at the other one does seems to be empathetic. I know God allows me to see these things. Thanks for your encouragement.

Jim Swindle said...

Thanks, Myra.

After much work, some internet searching and asking several of my professional IT co-workers, the computer is running again. Although I did not ever tell it to wipe out my data, it did so. :-)
So I'll later load all that I can from backups, which do exist but were not complete.

Again, thanks.