Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Surprise Visitor

Our son, who was upstairs, called down to me. He told me to bring my camera and come up to the bathroom. He pointed to the shower curtain rod. On the rod was this tree frog.
From Blog09

I took photos of it and soon moved it to a bush outdoors. I'm not sure of any great spiritual lesson here, other than the lesson that Proverbs gives about things that are small but wise. Proverbs doesn't mention the frog there, but it mentions the lizard. "The lizard you may grasp with the hands, Yet it is in kings' palaces." (Proverbs 30:28) I'm still not sure how the frog found its way into the house and onto the shower curtain rod.

I'm glad the Lord has such delightful surprises for us, but I wouldn't like to experience a plague of frogs such as the Lord sent on the Egyptians (See Exodus 8.)


Jackie Houchin said...

It's so refreshing to hear someone taking an small experience like your tree frog and connecting it with the Bible. It takes a person who really KNOWS the Word to do that. Thanks for reminding me that God is everywhere in everything.

manbooks said...

Here in Hawaii, it would be the gecko sitting on the shower curtain! The LORD was bringing to mind the appreciation for life, and how we cannot live only for our own selves. I think you see this. Thanks.