Sunday, December 27, 2009


From Blog09

The frost settles silently during the night
Then shows all its glory in bright morning light
With intricate crystals all snowy or clear
That make things look magical even right here.
Enjoy it all quickly, this treasure of dawn
Before it all melts as the sun marches on.

He gives snow like wool; he scatters hoarfrost like ashes.

-Psalm 147:16 ESV
From Blog09

The photos are from December 5, 2009, after our area had snow and frost.
Photos and poem ©2009 James L. Swindle. You may print up to 100 copies for non-commercial use, so long as you include the copyright notice and don't change the text.


dyanna said...

Have a nice day end a great new year !

Jingle said...

perfect poems for potluck.
beautiful writing,
keep it up.

Purvi said...

Lovely delicate images!! Beautiful..:)

Jim Swindle said...

Purvi and Jingle, thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

scentofmyheart said...

Beautiful, lovely images!

Morning said...

Potluck week 12 awards/treats, Enjoy

Thank you a ton for the lovely contribution!
Happy Friday!
See you next time!

scentofmyheart said...

Greetings! How r u?

You are invited to join our potluck week 13 at Jingle Poetry :

Write a poem fitting our week 13 theme (Dreams, Visions, Reveries), post it, and link in to our potluck, you are also allowed to link in unrelated poems. we are open Sunday, 8pm, American central time.

We have had so much fun having you last week. I cannot wait seeing you on coming Monday again.

Let me know if you have questions.

Have A Weekend As Graceful As Your Writing!