Wednesday, December 23, 2009


From Blog09

My brother hurt me with his words
That sliced me like a power saw.
I hated him for what he said.
I quoted rules and law.
I hurt my Savior with my words
That smacked my brother in his face,
Yet Jesus spoke to me in love
And covered me with grace.
I couldn’t hate my brother still.
I cut his chains. I set him free.
I poured out on him words of life.
The Lord loved him through me.

But I tell you who hear:
    love your enemies,
    do good to those who hate you,
    bless those who curse you,
    and pray for those who mistreat you.
--Luke 6:27, 28

Poem ©2005 and photo ©2009 James L Swindle.
You may print up to 100 copies for non-commercial use, so long as you include the copyright notice and don't change the words.

NOTE: The photo is for illustration only. I don't know the man in the photo. He was part of a crowd that I photographed at an outdoor event.

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