Friday, December 04, 2009

The Promised One - A Christmas Hymn

From Blog09

Come and see the promised One,
Both of God and Man the Son;
Christ, for whom great kings did wait,
Now appears in lowly state.
He whom heaven’s hosts adored
Now becomes our infant Lord.

Born a prophet, he will show
Just the way that we should go.
Born a priest_, he will give
His own life so we can live.
Born a king_, he will reign
O’er the earth as his domain.

Come and see him now a man
Living out God’s perfect plan.
Hear him calling, “Leave your sin.
Come to Me and enter in.”
Lord, with all our hearts we come.
May your work in us be done.

Then, like Jesus, we will say
Words of life and truth today.
Then, like him, we’ll intercede
When we see someone in need.
Victors over Satan’s strife,
We, like Christ, will reign in life.

NOTE: I wrote this a number of years ago. If you wish, it can be sung to the tune "Dix." That's the tune usually used with "For the Beauty of the Earth" and "As With Gladness Men of Old." This particular poem is public domain, so you can use it any way you wish.

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