Saturday, April 03, 2010

Texas Flowers

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This is the season when the bluebonnets and other wild flowers in east Texas are beautiful.

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The cultivated flowers can be beautiful, also. My wife and I loved seeing this old rose bush.
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Myra said...

These are beautiful!

Thank you for your encouragement about the cemetery visit.

I was invited to speak at a mock dui car crash event at the school where my son graduated in the spring of 2008. They are very graphic and horrible. God helped me, and I spoke to the students in the stadium. Last year, I was invited to speak at two different high schools. I spoke last month at a high school and a special school of only 9th graders. I am speaking this month at another high school on April 20. Would you and your wife pray for me if God brings me to mind? And pray for the students to take to heart what I have to say. Thank you so much.... Blessings, Myra

Jim Swindle said...

Thanks, Myra. We'll be glad to pray for you, that the Lord will use your speaking.