Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The word "apostasy" isn't used much any more. It's narrow-minded and divisive. It says that some people (the apostates) are standing away from the truth that they once seemed to know. It's a useful word. I don't know a better word to describe some modern American "Christianity." I realize that some people may have clicked away after that last sentence. Even so, I must state truth.

I came across a clear example of apostasy this morning. It's a condensation of a sermon delivered this past Sunday at a "church" in Texas. The author begins as follows:
Let’s approach the question “Why am I here?”...Why is any one of us here? Why are we humans here, with this vexing consciousness and frustrating capacity for self-reflection? Are we the product of some larger plan beyond our understanding? Do humans have a purpose? Are we special?

The answer to that is easy: No. We are not special. We are an organism like all others, the product of an evolutionary process in a very big universe in which we are, as individuals, insignificant. But don’t fret about that; we are also insignificant as a species, and the collection of entities on Earth that we call “life” is insignificant, as is the planetary ecosystem in which we live and our solar system and our galaxy. We are, in the big picture, insignificant beings floating in insignificance in a universe that is vast beyond human comprehension.

If anyone is still wrestling with that one, still searching for some essential meaning to our existence, I have some simple advice: Get over it, and start pulling your weight in the meaning-making enterprise. If there’s meaning in any of this, we create it ourselves, and we need all hands on deck for that one.

Later, he says,
Christianity typically is associated with supernatural claims (understanding “God” as an actual force, entity, or being that controls the world, and accepting the resurrection of Jesus as a historical event), why do those of us who reject those claims continue to identify as Christian?

If a church is made up of people who deny that God exists, deny that life has any meaning except what you create yourself (echoing the original lie of the devil), and deny that Jesus rose from the dead, then in what sense is it a church? It may call itself Christian, but it's no more Christian than your local TEA party is Communist.

Such a "church" is from the devil. It's the enemy of the real church. It's anti-Christ. It's the enemy of the truth. It's the enemy of God.

But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction.
--2 Peter 2:1 ESV


Ρωμανός ~ Romanós said...

Brother, I am ashamed for them, but they are deceived, and yes, they are apostates, and yes, scripture tells us all about them. Their reasoning is no reason, their meaning-making is fantasy. They can call themselves Christians, but that name is denied them by the One whom they will have to face as Judge and to whom give an account of their lives.

Thanks be to Jesus Christ, that our foundation is still in place and cannot be moved, and that is the Word of God. Thanks be to Jesus Christ, the Saviour and to His Father and All-holy and Life-creating Spirit, the unearthly and divine and Holy Triad, who loved us so much, that He not only died to redeem us, rose from death to defeat death and the devil, but also created the vast universe and all it contains just for our sake, and even more, a new universe of which the old is just a shadow and pale reflection.

Glory to Him from generation to generation in the Church, in Christ Jesus, for ever and ever.

Miri said...


Jim Swindle said...

Thank you Romanós, for the wise comment.

Miri, I'm not sure you've commented here before. WELCOME! I see that you're young and a believer in Jesus. Wonderful! May he make you faithful and use you in ways you may never have dreamed.