Saturday, August 14, 2010


I'm getting older now.
My windows aren't as clear.
The shingles start to fall.
The paint has lots of lines.
The plumbing's getting clogged
And sometimes springs a leak,
And all the hinges creak.

But still I look ahead
To joyful, fruitful years
With Jesus Christ the King.
I see abundant life.
I see his faithfulness.
I see sufficient strength
And rising from the dead.

Even when you're old, I'll take care of you. Even when your hair turns gray, I'll support you. I made you and will continue to care for you. I'll support you and save you.
--Isaiah 46:4, GOD'S WORD translation

My thanks to Willow at Magpie Tales for the photo that prompted this poem. For other people's thoughts about the same photo, follow the link.


paulandrewrussell said...

I'm an atheist but I enjoyed reading your poem. New life from old.

Claudia said...

cool idea - and so true...i like your poem, referring to Isaiah

Jim Swindle said...

Thank you, Paul Andrew and Claudia, for stopping by.
Paul Andrew, I'm glad you enjoyed the poem. I pray that you'll come to faith in Jesus. Remember (and I say this seriously, not to make fun), an atheist must believe that something dead gave birth to something alive; that something with no blood gave birth to something with blood, and so on, all accidentally. To me, that's harder than believing that there's a creator.
Claudia, glad you liked it. Isaiah's words are better than mine.

Brian Miller said...

there is a better day ahead we can al look forward to...nicely played jim!

C.M. Jackson said...

very inspiring-best c

Jim Swindle said...

Thanks, CM. My goal on this site is to write what's true, both what people call positive and what they call negative.
Any credit for anything good in me must go to the Lord.

willow said...

Wonderful. I like how you always tie a bit of scripture to your particular piece, Jim.

Suz said...

beautiful words
and message
enjoyed reading this

Lyn said...

Brave and beautiful poem!

Jim Swindle said...

Willow, thanks for the encouragement. I figure my words can help lead people into the better Word.
Suz, glad you liked it.
Lyn, I don't think brave is the right word. It's a matter of trusting God's promises through Jesus. My Dad modeled how to age gracefully. As a widower of 82, while on oxygen, he remarried! When his final illness came, and he knew it was final, he nagged us until we sent a donation from his account to his nurse's church. (He was white; she and her church were black. That probably made him more likely to want the donation sent, because he'd started working for equal rights for black people more than 65 years earlier, in the 1930's.)