Friday, March 04, 2011

Day of Wrath

Cry of prophet Jeremiah on the Ruins of Jerusa...Image via Wikipedia
Worldly wisdom won't avail
In the LORD's great day of wrath.
Nothing, nothing will avert,
On that Day, his zealous fire.
Wars will devastate the land--
Cities flattened, fields laid waste,
Mountains shaking, sky gone dark,
Men so scarce they can't be found,
And the birds all fled away.
Stop provoking Him! Repent!
He still offers grace today.
Flee his wrath. It's not too late.

See Jeremiah 4:19-21.
The prophet Jeremiah told of a day of judgment coming.

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dfish said...

Too bad even many who claim to be Christians don't believe this.

Good post.