Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Windy Day

From Blog11

I love a windy day.
I love laundry flapping furiously,
Flags standing triumphantly at attention,
And hair instant-combed downwind.

Walking in the wind
Makes my pulse beat quicker.
Smog vanishes, the sun is bright,
And my joy's as clear as the sky.

Don't grumble about the wind.
Come celebrate with me.
We'll say hello to some nodding trees
And wave to a passing butterfly.

He it is who makes the clouds rise at the end of the earth,
who makes lightnings for the rain
and brings forth the wind from his storehouses.

--Psalm 135:7

Poem and photo ©2011 James L. Swindle. You may print up to 100 copies for non-commercial use.


dfish said...

As a small child in eastern Colorado, I hated the wind. Sometimes I still forget to enjoy it as something God sends. Thanks for the reminder.

Emilia said...

Hi im new at this but your blog is great keep spreading the word of god and check out my youtube page I think you will like it.

Jim Swindle said...

dfish, that's interesting. As a child in central Kansas, where it was also very windy, I enjoyed the wind (except once when we had a dust storm and once when we a tornado went nearby).
Emilia, welcome. Thanks for the encouragement. Keep praising the Lord.

Akwele said...

wonderful piece.

wind in itself is not always friendly... despite the freshness and it's free nature, i so don't like the dust it's accompanied with sometimes.

"we'll say hello to some nodding trees
and wave to a passing butterfly"

everything God made is good. tnx /smiles/

Jim Swindle said...

Akwele, welcome! You're my first commenter from Ghana. It's a blessing to have you read and comment here.