Thursday, April 07, 2011

Is Holiness a Waste?

From Blog11

This poem's based on Psalm 73. This past Sunday night, Ken Ramey was guest preacher at our church and spoke about this psalm. While listening, I was able to write this.

Is holiness a waste?
And should I rather taste
The depths of selfishness?
Would I escape this mess,
The worry and the pain,
The never-ending strain,
The burning of desire
Like flaming, searing fire?

No, wickedness is waste.
Its final end is traced
Through sudden death, to hell.
Those sinners won't end well.
Their lives aren't what they seem.
Their wealth now's but a dream.
It all will pass away,
Burned up on judgment day.

The holy, though, are blessed,
For they'll inherit rest.
They have the LORD as friend.
His blessings never end
They're more--beyond the chart.
He satisfies the heart.
And when they end their race,
They wake to see his face.


dfish said...

Great poem.

So much of what the world offers is just tinsel and imitation jewels. It may look more exciting than What god offers, but it is fake.

XOXO Dr. Kay Elizabeth said...

The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous. Plus we should not put our trust in earthly things that will soon vanish away, but lay up our treasure in heaven where it is eternal and everlasting. Hell isn't Temporary and I have been burnt a few times so me imagining that a million times worst forever just seems a bit much to me! Holiness or hell in my opinion and I choose holiness even when I feel I have lost my strength to go on or everything around me seems like nothing, but hell is nothing I want in the end so it keeps me motivate to push on because God still loves us and will supply ALL our needs, maybe not our wants, but are needs being met are a promise and entitlement. :) God bless you and stay strong in the Lord.