Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rest of the Weary

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The following hymn is by John Samuel Bewley Monsell (1811-1875). I modified the last two lines of the third stanza.

Rest of the weary, joy of the sad,
Hope of the dreary, light of the glad;
Home of the stranger, strength to the end,
Refuge from danger, Savior and Friend!

Pillow where lying, love rests its head,
Peace of the dying, life of the dead:
Path of the lowly, prize at the end,
Breath of the holy, Savior and Friend!

When my feet stumble, to Thee I’ll cry,
Crown of the humble, cross of the high;
If my steps waver, chasten me then,
Still showing favor, Savior and Friend!

Ever confessing Thee, I will raise
Unto Thee blessing, glory and praise:
All my endeavor, world without end,
Thine to be ever, Savior and Friend!

For a recording by Steve Green (with the original words), look here. The excellent tune is by Gregory Wilbur.
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Another great poem.

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