Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gods for Sale

From Blog12
Come! I have gods for sale--
There must be a thousand here!
Big, rich ones for you handsome men,
Pretty, sweet ones for the ladies there,
And cute ones for the little kids.

Don't hesitate! Step right on up
And choose the one you like.
I have crystals for the New Age folks,
Lodges for the businessmen,
The Klan for Southern whites,
And Allah for the urban blacks.

Whatever you want, whatever you need,
I've got a god that's just your type.
What's that? You don't accept my gods?
How intolerant of you!

Please, don't speak such things out loud.
Bad for business, don't you know?
What? You have a God who died for you,
And rose again, and lives to save?
And then, you say, your god is free?

Please, go away.
I need a hundred sales today.
Yes, I have gods for sale.

In the Bible, we read:
I am the LORD; that is my name;

my glory I give to no other,
nor my praise to carved idols.
(Isaiah 42:8 ESV)

This poem was written about 1994. I realize that Allah is the best word in Arabic for the true God, just as "God" is in English. In this poem, I was thinking of the incorrect Muslim conception of Allah.

Poem and photo ©2012 James L. Swindle


Mara said...

The trap of consumerism can definitely tempt us into making unnecessary idols and gods that we don't need.

Great message!

dfish said...

How many are buying into the vast array of other gods, just as Israel did, while trying to still hold onto God. If we really know him, there is no place for all the others .

Great poem.