Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Armadillo Roadkill

From Blog12
You may think you're very strong,
Self-sufficient, safe alone.
Death may take you before long.
No repenting, just a moan.

You're not strong before the Lord.
Cotton candy to the core
When you face His word-fire sword.
All will know your sordid score.

Buzzards then may pick your meat,
Tear your flesh, chew on bone,
Peck your liver as a treat,
Leave your carcass on some stone.

Friend, you need a rescuer,
Someone stronger than your pride,
Someone who can make your cold heart pure,
Give you his life down inside.

In this is love, not that we have loved God 
but that he loved us and sent his Son 
to be the propitiation for our sins. 
 (1 John 4:10 ESV)

This photo and poem are not pretty. Neither is the judgment for those who are still in their sins. Rush to Jesus Christ. His kindness and generosity are beyond your comprehension.


Jackie Houchin said...

Wow, well done. I am always amazed how you take something, then make a spiritual object less in poetry about it.
I used to see a of road kill at our old house - not much here.

Jim Swindle said...

Thanks, Jackie, for the encouragement. We rarely see road kill on our short street other than one or two snakes or frogs or toads per year.

dfish said...

It is that confidence in oneself that makes so many end up like roadkill. Good poem.