Monday, October 22, 2012

The Perfect Generic Politician

As election day in the USA fast approaches, here's something I saved from about 1994. Sad? Funny? Probably both. I give it to you just as it arrived in my official voting materials in California. As you read it, try to figure out one single policy that he is for or against.


Age: 43

Occupation: Councilmember, City of Pasadena

County government is no longer working for us. It's time for a change. Councilmember Paparian will provide better representation and leadership because he is committed to enhancing governmental accountability. He will make sure everyone will have a fair and equal opportunity to participate in the County government process.

Born in Los Angeles, Paparian has a successful law practice in Pasadena where he lives with his wife and three sons. Afrter serving his country in the U.S. Marine Corps, Paparian was honorably discharged in 1973, and went to law school on the G.I. Bill.

After Paparian unseated a three-term incumbent by a 2-1 margin, he brought positive changes into City Hall. He led the move to make government more responsive to residents' needs, and fought hard to increase the effectiveness, openness, and accountability of local government.

Paparian deserves our vote for County Supervisor. He will be an independent and effective representative for all of us. You can count on him to fight for the beliefs and values we all share. And he has the strength, skill, and experience to win those fights.

We need Paparian as our County Supervisor. We need someone who will fight for us, for a change.

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dfish said...

It is sad.

Modern politicians are sot of like someone who says "I'm sorry" without being specific. How do you know he's not saying he's sorry he didn't kill your dog instead of just almost running over him? It doesn't really mean anything although it sounds good.