Saturday, December 15, 2012

Memories of Christmases

Memories of Christmases visit my mind
Like half-hidden ghosts.
They whisper of days gone by,
Of bubble lamps and foil icicles decking a spindly tree,
Of carols at school and carols at church
And on a stack of 45-RPM clear red records.
They speak of family members now gone,
Of places left years ago,
And cards pinned to green nylon net on a wall.
They tell of helping my pregnant wife
Walk cautiously to Christmas Eve worship on rutted ice
And of a Christmas day picnic overlooking the beach.
They slip in and out of my memory,
These Christmases I have known,
But remind me of the ever-present truth
Of God-come-to-earth.

Glory to God in the highest!