Friday, December 14, 2012

Questions After Newtown

The great crime in Newtown, Connecticut, has left a sadness across millions of people and has left a deep, deep hole in the lives of the families of those who died. I don't have any words to comfort them, except to say that I'm praying for them.

The situation leaves me with a number of question--not for them, but for the rest of us.

  1. Why did a female kindergarten teacher need or want four guns? It's easy to understand wanting one to protect herself or one for hunting, but why four?
  2. If her son had a history of mental illness, why were the guns not locked up in such a way that he couldn't get to them, even by killing her? (Or did she have at least one to protect herself from him?)
  3. Why do politicians think government is the answer? Don't such horrible crimes seem to be increasing in our country? If so, do they think government is the cause?
  4. If the guns were all purchased legally by someone who would have passed any background check, why do many people immediately think we need stiffer background checks for purchasing guns?
  5. Did violent, shoot-everyone video games play a part in shaping the young man's thoughts?
  6. The President was clearly moved--and rightly so--by this crime. He spoke of the graduations, marriages and future children that those murdered children would never experience. I agree with his thoughts, but why is it not also a tragedy that over 2000 children were killed legally in the US today via abortion? Those children, also, won't get to experience graduations or weddings or their own children. Why does the President support killing them at any time up to the day of birth? 
  7. Did evil visit New Town, as Connecticut's governor said? If so, should we consider using spiritual weapons in fighting evil?
  8. Is repentance in order for our whole nation?


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