Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Prayer for the Lord's Day

Holy Father, source of all, we call to you this day.
We know you're here when we come to worship you. We know you hear.
We know you're good and wise and strong, forever faithful to those you call your own.
We don't know why you've loved us and called us and saved us, but we thank you for it. We praise you from our washed-clean hearts.

Grant us zeal and passion for following you. Expand your kingdom. Achieve your will.
We don't presume to tell you what's most important next. You are Lord. We are not.

And yet, Lord, we do dare to ask things. We ask that you grow your church in depth, in breadth, in love, in purity, in wisdom, in numbers--for your own glory. We don't pray just for our own local church. Work these blessings in your church around the world. Strengthen those who are in hard testing. Wake up those who are drowsy and falling into the sleep of sin. Protect those who are bearing much fruit. Raise up others who will bear even more fruit. Comfort those who mourn. Give godly ambition to the young. Give fresh purpose to the old.

Use the methods you've used for fifty generations:

  • The assembling of the saints. 
  • Our declarations of faith in you and in your Son Jesus, the Christ, the Lord.
  • Our confession of sins.
  • Baptism of new believers.
  • The public reading and preaching of your word. 
  • Prayers
  • Our worship of you in singing.
  • The bread, the wine that speak of Jesus' body and blood.
  • Benedictions.
We pray for those who will be leading us, your church, in these things. Grant true repentance. Grant fullness of your Holy Spirit. Grant insight and discernment and love while serving you. Deliver your church from those leaders who would exalt themselves instead of exalting you. 

As your people worship you today in many thousands of places, speak to us. Correct us in love. Build us up in truth. Lead us in grace. Prepare us for serving you.

We come to you as your needy, stumbling, expectant people. Take our prayers; refine them and sort them and answer them as you wish. Yours, Lord, is the glory and the dominion forever. We give all praise to you, through your son Jesus Christ. 


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