Saturday, January 10, 2015

In Our Grief

I never know who will read this, when, but am confident that it will speak to someone. 

In our grief, we're not alone.
Jesus knows our pain, our fear.
He's not hard like steel or stone.
Jesus feels each flowing tear.

He'll defeat the things we dread--
Things that gnaw us in the night--
He can even raise the dead.
He's the life, the truth, the light.

After this life's pain is past,
Horrors driven all away,
He can dry our tears as last,
Bringing us to brilliant day.

Grief may still be ours today,
Feelings fraying like a rope.
Yet, through Jesus as we pray,
In our grief, there's deeper hope.

We read in John 11:35 that at the tomb of his friend Lazarus, "Jesus wept." He wept, even though he knew he'd shortly raise Lazarus from the dead. Jesus knows your pain. 

Do you trust Jesus? If not...

Turn, friend, from all doubt, all sin,
Trusting Jesus--yes, today!
In your grief, let life begin.
Trust, and see sin washed away.

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