Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tell Me - Whatcha Gonna Do?

When the army comes for you,
Tell me--Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do
When the army comes for you?

When they make your faith a crime,
Tell me--Will you last, that time?
Will you last, that time,
When they make your faith a crime?

When they say the truth's a lie,
Tell me--Will you bravely die?
Will you bravely die
When they say the truth's a lie?

When they take your child away,
Tell me--Will your faith give way?
Will your faith give way
When they take your child away?

When your dying's really rough,
Tell me--Is your Lord enough?
Is your Lord enough
When your dying's really rough?

When the Lord splits all the skies,
Tell me--Will you get a prize?
Will you get a prize
When the Lord splits all the skies?

When it's life or death for you,
Tell me--Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do
When it's life or death for you?


Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. (2 Timothy 3:12-13 ESV)

My great-grandmother Maria grew up in Russia. After she came to the USA, she told one of her grandchildren, "The day will come in this country when they will say, 'Deny Jesus, or I'll shoot you.' When that day comes, I hope you'll say, 'Then shoot me.'"

That day may or may not come in your particular country in your lifetime, but there will be persecution. Many die for Jesus every year. Are you ready? 

This particular photo and poem by Jim Swindle are public domain 2015. 


Donald Fishgrab said...

Sadly, I suspect that time may not be far in the future in the US.

Jim Swindle said...

Donald Fishgrab, it appears to be much closer than it did for most of my life. I'm not making any dire predictions of a time-table. As Christians, we should live in such a way that we're ready for life or death or external blessing or persecution or Jesus' return.

Ρωμανός ~ Romanós said...

This lyric sounds like a good Christian folk song.

The new martyrs of Libya, Coptic Christians (a branch of the Orthodox faith), once again demonstrated apostolic faith in action: They died for their faith in Christ, crying out as they were slain, 'Ya Rabbi Yasu!' (Oh Lord Jesus!). They may not have been perfect church goers. They may not have evangelized their unsaved neighbors. They may not have known 'the four spiritual laws'. They may have been baptized as unknowing infants. But when it came to the point (of a sword), they evangelized with their blood and their lives. 'Like a sheep dumb before its shearers...' as Isaiah prophesies of Christ and of all His dearest disciples.

Incidents like this, if nothing else, should convince us who live, comfortably and in peace and safety, divided from one another in our denominational fortresses, that in the end nothing matters but who we say is Lord. To the honor of these twenty-one who have now entered the Presence to plead for us, I offer my refrain,

'I'm gonna bend my neck,
and bow my head in silence,
if the gift of my blood,
shed for Christ-God,
will save one soul and still the violence.'