Sunday, March 15, 2015

Look at Jesus - A Hymn Based on Psalm 2

Look at Jesus, set to reign
From Mount Zion—holy hill. 
Look at him: no spot, no stain,
Reigning, ruling, reigning still…

Full of power, full of worth,
Jesus, Lord and Master, King,
God’s begotten, now on earth,
Firmly ruling everything.

At his glance, the earth’s kings fear—
Lest his words, a sharpened sword,
Slice them through from ear to ear.
They were kings, but he is Lord.

He is ruler, Christ and Lord.
Do not even ask God “Why?”
He deserves to be adored!
Kiss him humbly, let you die.

Once you’re bowed before his feet,
Heart submitted, prostrate there,
You will find him rich and sweet.
Rest! Rest safely in his care. 

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