Sunday, January 03, 2016

The Preacher and The Devil's Dance

Millions, millions, dancing gaily down to hell—
    Some with ancient blasphemies,
    Some with pseudo pieties…
Dancing, dancing, millions under Satan’s spell!

See them, see them, trees all filled with toxic fruit
    Rotten to the very core—
    Seeking sin and finding more—
Dead men, dead men squabbling over stolen loot!

Warn them! Warn them! Tell them all they must repent,
    Turn from self and lust and pride
    Turn to Jesus, then abide
Fruitful, Fruitful in the Savior whom God sent.

Urgent, urgent is the message that we preach!
    Some may yet be saved today.
    Others hear and walk away
Listen! Listen! Are you one soul God will reach?

...He will clear his threshing floor and gather his wheat into the barn, but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire.
(Matthew 3:12 ESV) Read all of Matthew 3:1-12 at the link. 

Like you, I prefer not to think about the Lord's judgment. However, the Bible makes clear that a judgment is coming. Be prepared. Turn from your sin. Turn to Jesus. Don't wait another hour.


Donald Fishgrab said...

Each day, the importance of what we preach becomes more evident, yet it seems there is less concern about making sure we are preaching the truth.

Bill Ragle said...

"He who does not believe that God will punish sin, will not believe that He will pardon it through the atoning blood. He who does not believe that God will cast unbelievers into hell, will not be sure that He will take believers to heaven. If we doubt God's Word about one thing, we shall have small confidence in it upon another thing. Since faith in God must treat all God's Word alike; for the faith which accepts one word of God, and rejects another, is evidently not faith in God, but faith in our own judgment, faith in our own taste." C.H. Spurgeon

Bill Ragle

Jim Swindle said...

Thank you, Donald and Bill, for the encouragement. At times, speaking or writing truth can be lonely or even (when we take our eyes off of the Lord) scary. Yet our lives are really his, not ours.