Saturday, August 19, 2017

Love and Marriage in Uncertain Times

This couple got married 74 years ago today. They are my parents, Cecil and Hilda Swindle. When they got married, the USA had been at war for nearly two years. Only God knew how much longer the war would last. It was a very small, simple wedding. She was a school teacher. He was a preacher. Is it right to get married under such uncertain circumstances?

Before the war was over, they would move from Nebraska to Texas and California. Dad would end up going to chaplain school at Harvard for a short time, then to the war in Germany. Meanwhile, Mother moved back to where she grew up and taught in the school she'd attended a few years earlier.

After the war, their life together started again. They had three sons. Dad finished his education. He served as pastor of churches. He preached and counseled and performed baptisms and weddings and funerals. People got saved. He had heart attacks and heart surgery and another heart surgery and lymph cancer while Mother guarded his health like a watchdog guards sheep. Mother got Alzheimer's. But they stayed married for nearly 55 years until her death.

So, should they have married in such uncertain times? Well, I'm glad they did. Is it ever a bad time to move forward with faith and joy? All times are uncertain. You're not promised the few seconds it will take you to finish reading this. Yet all times are in the Lord's hands. There may be lots of threats looming on the horizon, but the Lord is sovereign. The things you fear may never come. If they do come, by God's grace they may leave you stronger. Decades from now, you and many others may look back with deep gratitude that you went forward by faith.

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Donald Fishgrab said...

Great post, Jim. So many miss out because they are afraid to trust God in various situations.